The Challenge

Pure asked us to translate their new Brand look and feel into a Global retail POS identity that could be rolled out across their customers.

  • okapi innovate product
  • Point of Sale
  • Showcase new products
  • Consistent brand
  • Global roll-out

The solution had to be:

  1. Scalable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Consistent

A series of displays to showcase their Digital Radio hero products, their new Smart Speaker and their IFA stand.

Create standout and an improved consumer experience all within a retail space that is extremely crowded and noisy.

The Okapi process

Everything we do at Okapi begins with building the relationship to allow us to work collaboratively, we’re the partner who can do it all from translating branding into a suite of impactful retail displays defining the retail identity all the way through to prototype, production and implementation.

We offer one voice to our brand partners.

Brief -> Design -> Manufacture

One of the key aspects of the brief was to develop a retail identity that could be applied across any region or channel catering for various budgets.

We collaborate to achieve brilliance: Initial sketches were workshopped with Pure during a feedback session and refined to finalise the direction before moving ahead into fully realised 3D designs.

We produced a consistent suite of modular options: Good, Better and Best displays to sell into retailers. We built up the suite using different materials so depending on the retailer/budget there was an impactful option to suit.

The final part of the process – at Okapi we work with a wide network of trusted partners to manufacture delivering the full process from end to end.

Global identity

Global retail identity

Okapi’s ideation and development work explored various aspects of the design, including materials and modulation to structure and security.

The option to have other retail marketing services managed under the same roof offered additional value for our small marketing team to more simply manage executions end-to-end.

— Chris Walker, Senior Marketing Manager, Pure

Brilliance achieved.

We created a coherent retail identity for Pure to be utilised globally. Demonstrating that impactful consumer friendly POS doesn’t have to cost fortunes.

All 3 boxes ticked.