Master & Dynamic

The Challenge

When the smart people at Master & Dynamic wanted to rethink how their brand and products were displayed in retail they turned to us to develop their Retail identity – a comprehensive blueprint bringing the brand to life in any retailer anywhere in the world…

  • okapi innovate product
  • Research based solutions
  • Unconventional product showcase
  • Global roll-out

The first step was to showcase their adaptable new MW50+ and cutting edge True Wireless MW07 headphones in retail for Peak.

Using our Innovate product we applied the findings from our research phase to create a premium fixture that stood out by treating the headphones as a piece of jewellery.

In true Okapi fashion we ignored the safe way and instead challenged the standard conventions of hanging headphones on a hook by laying them down for a sleeker display appealing to a fashion-conscious consumer.

They don’t just look great though, they’re also modular and flexible, the cable retracts away keeping everything neat and you can also plug in your phone and listen to your music.

Global roll-out

We ignored the safe way and instead challenged the standard conventions.

Kevin Slade, Creator of Opportunities

Brilliance achieved.

The first displays shipped globally for peak trade, and are the design aesthetic inspiration for a full suite of further displays that are soon to hit retail.