Okapi is a brand optimiser.

We believe that every brand can and should be Brilliant if it’s going to attract customers. So whatever the challenge, we use insight, creativity and in-depth knowledge of what makes customers tick to make our clients stand out, deliver strong returns and to be Brilliant!

What makes Okapi brilliant? Our passionate and dedicated team consists of a unique mix of both brand, and agency side individuals. We have highly skilled backgrounds in marketing, sales and channel strategy at Director and senior management level within leading brands. This, bolstered by our multi-award winning designers and display team with over 20 years’ experience of manufacture and installation makes Okapi your ultimate brand partner!

We’ve helped each of these brands become brilliant.

Understanding a brands journey

Due to our unique experience, we’re aware of the activities involved in bringing something to market, be it a tool, product or service.

Discover the products for Brilliance